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The House Visits were looked forward to by the patient as she felt that she is getting the needed medical support
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S.Madhumathi Kotturpuram, Chennai

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the team of doctors and nurses who are involved in this noble service of extending the life span of patients by providing the required support (both physical & mental) and care.  My father Shri G.Raghuveer Prasad (aged 59 years) is suffering from multi metastasis soft tissue sarcoma for the past 9 years and he has benefited a lot. Our family acknowledges that my father's life time has extended only because of the excellent care extended by the team of doctors and nurses. Though its painful to say that his mobility has been restricted very recently and he is under Palliative care, I would like to thank whole heartedly the Cancare foundation  for providing all necessary assistance and care at our home itself (including supply of life support equipment and accessories). The periodical house visit is exceptionally beneficial for the patient as it gives him a secured feeling which adds to the placebo effect and the patient is least strained due to the reduced number of hospital visits. I once again thank the Cancare foundation for the astonishing and unsurpassed service.
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R. Krishnakumar, Chennai

We are very much satisfied. Specially Sister Ante is very nice, helpful, caring and supportive. We wish her all the best.
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Anita B. Sarathy, Chennai

No complaints so far. We are very glad to receive friendly assistance from team and sisters.
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R. Sangeetha, Chennai

Access to the doctor and to necessary medical assistance, specially after the patient became bed-ridden was not just a convenience but a blessing.
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Sumi Simon, Chennai

The free home visits are remarkable and unforgettable. It is highly beneficial for the cancer patients. My sincere thanks to Cancare's free service.
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G. Raghuveerprasad, Chennai

Sisters from Madras CanCare Foundation have been visiting us since Dec 5, 2014 for giving palliative cancer care to my wife, Jayashree Chellappa. We are so happy with the service provided so gracefully. The organization is a wonderful and considerate thought in action. You might know how much it means to an already distraught sole care-giver in the family to deal with a bed-ridden cancer patient. Right from Dr M.J. Kani to all the sisters on house visit, we feel indebted. Dr Kani even visited once my wife, despite his busy-ness. I write this to appreciate the services of its staff especially that of Ms A. Shanthi. She is a very dedicated, conscientious, empathetic and efficient service provider. She is quite appropriate for the demands of this type of service. She doesn't waste time but also doesn't rush through, just for the sake of it. She makes the patient feel cared for with compassion. She also checks to ascertain the patient's feed-back every time a job is done so that corrections, if required, are done immediately. She is a patient listener and doesn't interfere or do assumptions when the patient speaks. She is an asset. She enjoys her job! She deserves to be invested up on,appreciated and rewarded.