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Cancare Foundation -

Holistic Cancer Care

Vision & Mission

our values

Our core values guide us to ensure a better life for each cancer patient. Read more

our approach

Our approach is to provide palliative care to the patients at their door step. Palliative care integrates the psychological and emotional aspects of patient care. Read more


Cancare Trustees are a group of committed individuals who have come together to work towards the betterment of lives of cancer patients. Read more


Our vision is to ensure every cancer patient and his/her family receives holistic Palliative care with emotional and spiritual support to improve their quality of life.


To create a model through which cancer patients receive Palliative Care in the best possible manner. In particular, those patients who are unable to access medical facilities and who are terminally ill.

To extend support for cancer surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, prosthesis, etc.

To build a suitable hospice with all facilities for terminally ill cancer patients.