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our values

Our core values guide us to ensure a better life for each cancer patient. Read more

our approach

Our approach is to provide palliative care to the patients at their door step. Palliative care integrates the psychological and emotional aspects of patient care. Read more


Cancare Trustees are a group of committed individuals who have come together to work towards the betterment of lives of cancer patients. Read more

Cancare Foundation is a Chennai-based non-governmental organization working to provide holistic care to cancer patients and their families. It has been set up by a group of likeminded oncologists and social workers who are committed to this cause. Since its inception, the organization has grown both in terms of scope and expertise and has reached out with palliative care to many cancer patients.

Palliative care to patients and their families

Indisputably, with advanced technology, cancer treatment has come a long way, nevertheless the battle is far from won. Each year the number of people who require specialized palliative care is increasing. 

Considering this, the initial step is to provide palliative care to the patients at their door step. Palliative care is the sum total of care given to a cancer patient who may not be a candidate for curative treatment, irrespective of the financial status. It could be very difficult for a sick patient with a lot of pain and limited mobility to have the doctor’s appointment. A van takes trained nurses to deliver medicines and administer care to terminally ill patients.

Financial and medical aid

Cancare also aims to support patients with curable cancers both monetarily and medically. The service is totally free of cost.

Research and training

Education and research also form an important area of work for the Foundation. Education encompasses layman, cancer patients, general doctors, and their relatives and doctors training in the field of oncology. Cancare also plans to start a program to train nurses in Palliative care.